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GEPRC Mark4 6S PNP Freestyle drone

335.11 EUR
Model: gep_mark4_6s_pnp


We are announcing a Fantastic BNF Freestyle FPV Drone with Fully build with excellent tuned and good value for money by GPERC to ALL FPV Pilots… The BNF Mark 4 will be equipped with Caddx Ratel with 2.1mm lens which has 1/18 “starlight HDR sensor chip, super night vision, super low latency. The features don’t stop there! The Flight control uses the new version of SPAN F722 HD flying tower, Has a super stable and excellent processing performance, BLheli_S 45A ESC ( DSHOT 600 ), the overall adjustment has the comfortable and Buttery-smooth control. Motor used a powerful and smooth 2306.5 motors, there will be 4S and 6S two kinds of power can be chosen of, Propellers will used GEPRC G5x4.3×3 Tri-blade Propellers, the overall control feeling is delicate and the power is sufficient. We also provided some custom 3D printing accessories spare parts for the convenience of players to replace.

The Mark4 has excellent flight performance. It is completely assembled and tuned by professional GEPRC team.

The BNF version comes with a compatible receiver, it can fly as long as press BIND button with your Radio transmitter .  (PNP needs own receiver to buy separately)


GEP-Mark4 frame, an ultra-low CG design, Super Fine CNC full 3K carbon fiber board cutting, marvelous design and super durable

Equipped with Caddx Ratel 2.1mm version flat-head lens, excellent imaging, 1/18 “starlight HDR sensor chip, super night vision, super-low latency

Flight control adopts SPAN F722 HD version. MPU6000 gyroscope works stably. With BLheli_S 45A ESC ( DSHOT 600) , the overall performance is super stable and very smooth control.

Equipped with newly designed GR2306.5 high-performance motor to ensure powerful output

2 different KV version options for 4S and 6S

With GEPRC G5 * 4.3 * 3 Tri-blade Propellers, it has high efficiency and excellent acceleration performance

Using the new GEPRC Momoda 5.8g RHCP antenna performs to the highest standard and refined radiation pattern.

Frame: GEPRC GEP-Mark4

Carbon:Full 3K carbon fiber

Motor to motor: 225mm

Bottom plate: 2.5mm

Top plate: 2.5mm

Side plate: 2.5mm

Reinforce plate: 2mm

Arms plate: 5mm


Flight Controller: SPAN F722 HD



OSD: BetaFlight OSD

Firmware target: OMNIBUSF4SD

ESC: 45A * 4  BLHeli_S (Dshot 600/1200/PWM/Multishot/OneShot) support 3~6S LiPo

VTX: 5.8GHz (48 Channel IRC Tramp,PIT/25/100/200/600mW)

Power System:

6S Battery:

Motors: GR2306.5 1850KV

Battery:6S 1050~1300mAh


Flight Controller SPAN F722 HD
Camera Caddx Ratel
Motor to motor 225mm
Propeller G5*4.3*3 (6 pairs)
Antenna Momoda 5.8g RHCP
Motors 2306.5 1850/2450KV
Weight 346g without battery
Receiver Without Receiver

Package included

1 x Geprc Freestyle 6S PNP drone


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