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GEPRC SMART16 Freestyle FPV Drone PNP

162.37 EUR


Introducing the new 1.6-inch GEPRC SMART16 mini-quadcopter, currently available in 5 versions: PNP, AC900 and TBS Nano, ELRS 915, ELRS 2.4G

SMART 16 continues the consistent lightweight design concept of the Phantom series. The 1.5mm carbon fiber arm, with a 1mm top plate allows it to be lightweight and tough at the same time. We used highly potential 11000Kv 0803 brushless motors paired with 1610 props, so you can easily freestyle in your favorite field or a bando. The quadcopter comes with a 3D printed battery holder and will be powered by 2S 380mAh battery,which consists of two 1S batteries in series, making it weigh as little as 53.0g, and providing you with 4 minutes of flight time.

We are pursue lighter weight, better flying experience, and more functionality for all our products!


  • Model: SMART16
  • Frame: GEP-ST16
  • Wheelbase size: 78mm
  • Top plate thickness: 1.0mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 1.5mm
  • Arm thickness: 1.5mm
  • FC:  STABLE F411 FC (16*16mm)
  • MCU: STM32F411
  • Gyro: 6-Axis
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
  • ESC: STABLE F411 BLheli_S 4IN1 12A ESC(16*16mm)
  • VTX: STABLE F411 VTX 5.8G 200mW(16*16mm)
  • Camera: Caddx Ant
  • Propeller: GemFan 1610-2
  • Antenna: UFL 5.8G stick VTX antenna
  • Motors: GR0803-11000KV
  • Weight: 36.0g
  • Receiver version: PNP (without a receiver), AC900, TBS Nano RX, ExpressLRS 915, ExpressLRS 2.4G


  1. 1.6 inch tiny size + light weight, just 36.0g
  2. Uses two 1S batteries in series for greater power output
  3. Equipped with 200mW 5.8G VTX, with 6 frequency bands and 8 frequency point selection
  4. Caddx Ant camera with high quality image. Clear and clean!
  5. Independent battery compartment design, can be sticked on top or bottom, making it easy and convenient to switch batteries.
  6. The latest 0803 motor is matched with 1610-2 propeller proving maximum power and efficiency
  7. Suitable for both freestyle and racing
  8. Includes a full set of high qualt 3D printed parts for superior flying experience


Model SMART16
Frame  GEP-ST16
Wheelbase size 78mm
Top plate thickness 1.0mm
Bottom plate thickness 1.5mm
Arm thickness 1.5mm
FC  STABLE F411 FC (16*16mm)
Gyro 6-Axis
OSD BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
ESC STABLE F411 BLheli_S 4IN1 12A ESC(16*16mm)
VTX STABLE F411 VTX 5.8G 200mW(16*16mm)
Camera  Caddx Ant
Propeller  GemFan 1610-2
Antenna UFL 5.8G stick VTX antenna
Motors  GR0803-11000KV
Weight 36.0g
Receiver version PNP (without a receiver), AC900, TBS Nano RX, ExpressLRS 915, ExpressLRS 2.4G

Package included

1 x SMART16 set

4 x GemFan 1610-2 propellers

2 x Battery tie M12x120mm

2 x Battery non-slip mat

1 x Spare printed set

1 x Spare screw pack

1 x Spare screwdriver set


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