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HGLRC KT20 2 inch FPV Frame Kit

22.37 EUR
Model: HGLRC_KT20
Váz mérete: 2 inch 90-120 mm


The Frame supports (25.5x25.5mm) installing holes;
Kart shape, super high value;
2 inch rack, compact and light to adapt to any venue;
Indoor and outdoor, you can fly as much as you like.


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 130x138 mm
Mounting pattern 25.5x25.5 mm (whoop)
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 24.6 g
Wheelbase 90mm
Top plate 2mm
Bottom plate 1.5mm
Space 22mm
Support camera 14*14mm

Package included

1x 2mm top plate
1x 1.5mm bottom plate
1x KT20 2 inch frame
2x Countersunk Hexagon Socket M2*6 Self-Tapping Screws
2x Countersunk hexagon socket M2*7 304 stainless steel screw
2x Hexagon socket head tapping screws M2x8
2x Hexagon socket head M2*6 black nickel plated screws
2x M2*22*4mm outer diameter reticulated aluminum column
1x W554B LED strip (1pc)
1x KT20 front bumper EVA cotton (one set of blue, yellow and black)
2x KT20 rear bumper EVA cotton (one set each for blue, yellow and black)
3x 3M double-sided tape (3 sets of double-sided tape for front and rear bars)
1x Silicone cable length 110mm, single head PH1.0-3P Color: yellow, red and black (LED cable)
10x cable tie 2*120mm nylon cable tie (root)
5x Round head hexagon socket M2*10 black nickel plated screws
5x Round head hexagon socket M2*18 black nickel plated screws
8x M2*6.6 shock-absorbing ball
6x Anti-loose self-locking M2 nut
5x Black O-shaped silicone outer diameter 7*2 inner diameter 3
3x Round head hexagon socket M2*3 black nickel plated screws
5x Cup head hexagon socket M1.6*8 black nickel plated screw
1x KT20 number sticker
2x battery tie, size: 10*150mm
1x KT20 battery non-slip mat
1x Round head hexagon socket M3*20 screw
1x M3 nut
1x B4 certificate label
1x HGLRC Sticker
1x KT20 Frame Installation Instructions

Recommended parts:(not included)
Flight control:Zeus10 AIO
Propeller:2 inches
Battery:4S 450mAh-850mAh


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