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34.26 EUR
25.43 EUR
Discount: 8.83 EUR
Discount: 26%
Model: IRC_tramp_nano

The original Tramp HV was released in 2016, and pushed the boundaries of what was possible with an Analog 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter. 

The Tramp Nano is the smaller cousin, more suited to today’s lightweight models. 

Control via Betaflight telemetry (Tramp Mode), button, or Touch’n’Race wand. 



From the team that invented the now ubiquitous RaceBand, redefined the 'norm' for video transmitters with the Tramp HV, comes the tiny cousin, the Tramp Nano. 

- Featherweight 1.01g 
- 18 x 13mm, with 20x20mm carrier board, with IRC Silicone Gummies
- First vTx with an intuitive RGB LED indicator
- TNR Touch-free wand control
- Traditional button+LED control of frequency and power
- 1mW -> 500mW+ linear power control
- All 40 standard channels (plus many others for race directors)
- Second generation thermal protection
- Factory power normalization
- Glitch-Free frequency changes
- Micro-power pit mode
- Additional channels for race events (Race Wand only)
- Retail regional locking without opening package


Antenna connector IPEX (u.FL)
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 18 x 13 x 3,2 mm
Input voltage 5 Volts
Internal microphone no
Mounting pattern 20x20 mm (micro)
Output power 25/100/400/500+mW
Radio frequency 5.8 GHz
VTX control tramp telemetry
Weight 1,01 g
Dimensions L=18mm x W=13mm x H = 3.2mm
Weight 1.01g (Tx only, without SMA cable)
Power Output Programmable, 1mW to > 500mW 1
Channels 48 standard, arbitrary using race wand
RF Impedance 50 ohms
RF Connector U.FL (with Locking Pigtail)
AV Connector Solder Pads
TNR Connector Solder Pads
Audio None
Modulation FM Video
Pit Frequency User/Race Organizer Definable
Video Impedance 75 ohms
Power Requirements 5V DC (operates down to ~3.5V, but 5V recommended)
Power Consumption TBD


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