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BetaFPV Screws and Rubber Dampers

9.77 EUR
Model: beta_screws_dampers


Those screws and rubber dampers are really useful when you are mounting flight controller board to your whoop drones.

  • M1.2* 4 screws fit for stock Blade Indcutrix frame / 65mm frames.
  • M1.4* 5 screws fit for Eachine black E010 frame / 75mm / 85mm frames.

  • Black rubber dampers has a gap of 0.8mm, suitable for ALL brushed FC boards.
  • White rubber dampers has a gap of 1.2mm, suitable for 2S AIO FC boards, F405 FC stack etc.
  • Blue rubber dampers has a gap of 1.8mm, suitable for 2-4S AIO FC boards.

Package included

20 * M1.2* 4 screws

20 * M1.4* 5 screws

20 * Black rubber dampers

20 * White rubber dampers

20 * Blue rubber dampers


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