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BetaFPV peek screws

9.77 EUR
Model: beta_peek_screws


A set of screws for BETAFPV Meteor Series, and Cetus Brushless Series as a replacement or spare parts. It can be also used for 1S and 2S whoop drone builds.

PEEK Screws

PEEK Screws is the ultimate solution for lightweight whoop, taking more grams off the build. PEEK screws only weigh 0.10 grams/12pcs, it can save up to 0.46 grams for a build that is using metal screws, while still being stronger and more durable than nylon screws. With more heat resistance, anti-friction, anti-shock, and anti-fatigue properties, the PEEK Screws are both reliable and durable. They are perfect for building 65mm/75mm size drones, including the lightweight Meteor serie

Note: when tightening the screw, it is important to pay attention to the tightening force to prevent the nut from breaking.

  • Style: M1.4*3
  • M1.4*3 Screws are suitable for Meteor65, Meteor65 Pro, Meteor75, Meteor75 Pro, Cetus Pro drone&frames, 1102 motors, 0802SE motors, most 1S builds

Package included

1 x Screw pack


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