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BetaFPV Pavo35 Whoop Frame

54.57 EUR
Model: beta_pavo35_frame
Váz mérete: 3,5 inch


Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame is the revolutionary Cinewhoop that the product team has come up with after spending countless hours applying aerodynamics. The whoop duct can enhance an additional 400g thrust and a CNC 7075 Aluminum Y shape standoff to eliminate distortion and bending during flight while also accommodating mainstream HD VTX and Standard Action Cams, guaranteeing it is the smoothest, most powerful, and most responsive flight among all 3.5" cinewhoops. 

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame

Bullet Point

  • With a 9:4:1 Trust-to-weight Ratio, it is a frame that can be compared to the power of a 5" quad. 12 minutes of flight time ensures the pilot flies and captures maximum footage in one go. 
  • The innovative Y-shaped CNC metal support structure can improve the structural strength, torsion resistance, and vibration characteristics of the entire machine compared to aluminum columns, making it respond faster and more smoothly.
  • Rocket engine-inspired duct design improves lateral stability and increases thrust by 400g compared to without a propeller guard, giving the Pavo35 stronger power and a better flying feel.
  • The whoop duct is riveted and assembled, and the new appearance and design concept enables more effortless installation and a stronger structure. 
  • The COB light strip assembly that can be switched on and off remotely allows pilots to enjoy flying in any scene.


  • Item: Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame
  • Wheelbase: 148mm
  • Top Plate: 3mm T700 carbon fiber
  • Base Plate: 1.5mm T700 carbon fiber
  • Gimbal Carbon Plate: 2mm T700 carbon fiber
  • Column: 7075 aluminum alloy CNC
  • Battery Holder: 7075 aluminum alloy CNC
  • Whoop Duct: PC injection-molded translucent gray
  • Whoop Duct Diameter: 92mm
  • Battery Connector: Fixed XT60
  • Camera Installation Size: 20mm (compatible with 19mm)
  • HD VTX Installation Size: 25.5*25.5mm M1.6/20*20mm M2
  • HD VTX Antenna Mounting Hole Size: 4mm
  • Flight controller Mounting Hole Size: 25.5*25.5mm
  • Motor Mounting Hole Size: 4*M2 EQS ø12mm
  • Weight: 113.9g

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame

Pavo35 Frame Kit

Pavo35 whoop duct can enhance an additional 400g thrust and also a CNC 7075 Aluminum Y shape standoff to eliminate distortion and bending during flight. Powerful and smooth flying is guaranteed. The modular design of the frame guarantees a streamlined appearance, with no protruding wires and the fixed power port design enables effortless one-handed connection. Assembling the frame is a breeze, requiring the simple tightening of the four bottom screws and utilizing the riveting design for convenient detachment of the duct.

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame

The design of the whoop duct fully refers to the aerodynamic principle of the rocket engine nozzle and utilizes different heights and thicknesses, through the compression of the inlet air within the duct, a substantial increase in exhaust pressure is achieved. Consequently, an additional thrust of 400g is generated, while simultaneously enhancing the horizontal stability of the cinewhoop. With augmented power and exceptional flight stability, executing challenging maneuvers such as flips and turns on the Pavo35 results in remarkably steady and precise responses. Pilots will experience an enhanced flying sensation.

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame

The Y structural Shape standoff means 8 support force is on the top plate, increasing the structural strength of the quad, which results in smoother turns and minimal vibrations during flight. The CNC standoff is made with aircraft standard material - 7075 Aluminium Alloy to increase strength for ensure that pilots can embark on powerful flights with confidence. Additionally, the duct is securely fastened with only 4 screws, while the remaining connections employ the time-honored Chinese traditional riveting technique to ensure fast assembling and disassembling also including fixed power port design.

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame

Shine in Night Cruise

The Pavo Series COB LED Strip is a 5V-powered LED strip measuring 750 mm*4 mm. Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter offers the remarkable feature of controlling the onboard COB light strip via a radio transmitter. This convenient functionality allows for flexible control of the light strip's brightness and on/off status. Since light pollution should be eliminated when shooting videos, COB needs to be turned off. However, COB can be turned back on when racing and freestyle, enhance the ambiance, and provide navigation indicators, empowering pilots to seamlessly switch between various scenes anytime such as entertainment, sports, or film creation, catering to their specific needs.

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame


Mounting pattern 25.5x25.5 mm (whoop)
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 113,9 g

Package included

1 * Top Plate

1 * Gimbal Carbon Plate

1 * Base Plate

2 * Battery Tie Holder

4 * Y-shaped Aluminum Alloy Bracket

1 * Whoop Duct

1 * Receiver Holder

1 * Amass XT60EW-M Socket (Black)

2 * Battery Anti-slip Mat

1 * Battery Tie

4 * Flight Controller Amping Ball

4 * Pan/Tilt Vibration Reduction Ball

4 * Pan/Tilt Screws

2 * Inner Hex Flat Head Screw M2.5*5

10 * Inner Hex Flat Head Screw M2*6

4 * Inner Hex Flat Head Screw M2*8

4 * Inner Hex Flat Head Screw M2*10

4 * Nylon nut M2

1 * Accessory package

1 * Service Card

1 * Frame Manual

Pavo35 Brushless Whoop Frame


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