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C.Carbon Reaper Race frame

56.00 EUR
Model: ccarbon_reaper
Váz mérete: 5 inch 180-230 mm


The Reaper frame was designed and manufactured by the CCarbon workshop for racing in all respects.
The frame is produced in-house from 3K carbon sheets with flat-bed CNC milling technology.

One of the great advantages of domestic production is that the necessary parts can be procured within 1-2 days.

The frame is optimized for a 20*20 flight and motor controller, but a 30.5*30.5 mm flight controller can also be installed.

The frame accepts a maximum width of 19 mm from the camera.

The position of the camera can be completely customized thanks to the designed holder.

The design and attachment of the Reaper's arms is optimized for quick replacement.

The frame comes with a fin and a micro Lollipop antenna holder.

Assembled Features:

Design: Stretch-X

Length: 192 mm

Width: 176 mm

Base height: 51 mm (without fins)

Motor-motor distance: 148 / 154 mm

For diagonal axis: 213 mm

Acceptable motor diagonal: 16-19 mm

Height of spacers: 20 mm
Arm thickness: 5 mm

Bottom plate and frame thickness: 3 mm

The assembled weight of the frame without TPU parts: 72 g

The weight of the basic TPU parts for the frames is approximately: 5 g

Recommended propeller size 5.1"


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 192x176 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20/30,5x30,5 mm
stílus race
Weight 72 g
Váz formája Stretch X


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