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FlyFishRC Flash 2004 2900KV Motor

20.13 EUR
Model: flyf_flash_2004_2900kv
KV value


Introducing the FlyFishRC Flash 2004 motors, available in two versions: 1800KV for 6S setups and 2900KV for 4S setups.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this motor is highly versatile as it can be a great fit on a 3.5 inch carrying a GoPro, a long range 4 inch, or a super lightweight 5 inch quad, offering exceptional performance and reliability. The Uni-Bell structure design, known for its durability and crash-resistance, ensures that the motor can withstand challenging flight conditions without compromising performance.

Crafted with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, the Flash 2004 Motor guarantees a longer lifespan. It features NMB bearings and N52SH heat resistant magnets, which work in harmony with the up to 220°C high heat resistant copper wire, providing optimal performance even under demanding situations.

The 7075 Unibell bells, renowned for their robustness, contribute to the motor's durability and longevity, ensuring it can withstand intense flying sessions. The sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to any FPV build, allowing for a stealthy and sleek new design

If you are seeking a high-quality motor for your FPV drone, the FlyFishRC Flash 2204 Motor will be an excellent choice.

-Unibell Design
-High strength titanium alloy shaft and 7075 aluminum
-220°high temperature resistant copper wire
-NMB imported bearings and N52SH magnets
-Thickened motor base
-High-precision manufacturing and assembly process
-Strict dynamic balance and performance QC
-16.6g (including 150mm wires)

- Model: Flash 2004
- KV: 1800KV/2900KV (select)
- Input Voltage: 4S/6S Lipo
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Motor dimensions (Dia *Len): 16.5*26MM
- Weight: 16.6g (including 150mm wires)
- Wire length: 22AWG 150mm
- Mounting pattern: 12*12mm


voltage 4-6 cell (14.8V-22.2V)
Weight 16,6 g
Propeller mounting 1.5mm shaft+2*M2 screws
POPO compatiblequestion_mark no

Package included

1 x Motor


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