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EU WARRANTY for the purchased product.

We sell our products in accordance with the warranty rules in force in the European Union!

The guarantee for the products we sell is therefore provided to you by the manufacturers or our company. This way you can enjoy the security of the service background and product support. Only this kind of guarantee ensures that, if necessary, your device will be professionally repaired as soon as possible or we can replace it again if the professional service decides!

Under applicable law, all new products we sell are warranted for a minimum of 12 months. The longer warranty period is marked separately for the affected products! The start of the warranty period is the date of the invoice.
In accordance with consumer protection regulations, the manufacturer is obliged to replace the defective product if it is detected within 72 hours.
A warranty claim can be made if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Complete factory packaging of the product with all factory accessories
  • A copy of the receipt or invoice
  • In the case of installable electronics, a clean condition without subsequent solder marks

In the event of a partial or complete absence of these, we cannot accept the warranty claim!

Devices imported to our company with a warranty problem will be forwarded to our relevant supplier, who will provide our company with a warranty background, who will arrange for their repair as soon as possible, in compliance with the relevant legislation. The repair time for warranty repairs and inspections is typically 1-2 weeks, but the services reserve the right that this period may be longer in justified cases.

The 72-hour replacement only applies to products that have failed during their intended use. In order to avoid the replacement of malfunctions due to improper use (eg crushed, soaked, stepped on, incorrect soldering, overcurrent, etc.), manufacturers and distributors only undertake the 72-hour replacement on the basis of an official service opinion. Accordingly, what to do next if the product fails within 72 hours:

  • The detected defect must be reported to the telephone number of the distributor (seller), manufacturer / importer or to the central specialist garage. If the report is valid based on the service investigation, the manufacturer undertakes to replace the product immediately.
  • If it is clear that the failure occurred as a result of the intended use within 72 hours, we will of course provide an immediate replacement.
  • If the intended use is not clear, our Webshop also undertakes to replace the defective product within 72 hours only with the knowledge of the official expert opinion.
  • Packages sent by post are not taken over by our Webshop, they are always returned to the sender!
  • The cost of warranty return is always borne by the buyer.
  • In the event of problems repaired by a third party or due to improper handling, adjustment and not covered by the warranty conditions, we are not able to reimburse the cost of delivery.
  • If the warranty or guarantee period for a product is not indicated, inquire about its warranty or guarantee period by telephone at customer service.