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Kylin KN-2212002 Screwdriver set 4PCS

15.97 EUR
14.26 EUR
Discount: 1.71 EUR
Discount: 11%
Sale duration:
06/11/2020 -
Model: Kylin_KN-2212002


Tool ends are manufactured using only the best Japanese SKH51 high speed steel
The handle is made using a one-time CNC machining process to completely hollow it and create tool that feels weightless in your hands.
The cutting tools are treated with a professional titanium plating process to reduce wear and maintain a sharp edge.
For comfort and reduced hand fatigue a high quality 622mm large diameter handle has been chosen.

Package contents

Screwdriver  1.5 X 100MM 
Screwdriver  2.0 X 100MM 
Screwdriver  2.5 X 100MM 
Screwdriver  3.0 X 100MM


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