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SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 Frame

95.17 EUR
Model: SB-M5V2-FRAME
Váz mérete: 5 inch 180-230 mm


Designed to handle cinematic and freestyle flying, the SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 Frame Kit with Deadcat geometry, places the flight controller closer to the center of gravity than other DC frames. The innovative anti-vibration stack structure dampens the effect of motor noise on the gyro, offering a stabilized running environment. Averaging 1.5 screws per arm, the quick-release design makes assembly and disassembly easy. Honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy CNC drone head ensures a better strength and look, while the H-FOV 130° section provides a larger field of view. The incorporated DJI O3 Air Unit configuration also supports ND filters and changeable side plate mounting. The TPU side plate inside the CNC part helps dampen the vibration on the camera, and pilots can modify it on their own to make it compatible with more mounting holes and get rid of vignetting for clear images. Under the VTX, there is a honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy heat sink improving the operation stability of FPV and high-power analog VTX.


  • Detachable Switchable Camera Side Plates
  • Aluminum Alloy 7075-T Front Side Plates
  • Anti-Shock Fixed Stack Structure
  • Designed for the DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Rubber Carbon Plate Protection
  • Versatile GPS Mounting Design
  • Arm Guards/Landing Gear
  • DeadCat Geometry
  • No Props in View
  • 226 Wheelbase
  • VTX Heatsink
  • 130° H-FOV


  • Standard antenna installation support: SMA (single), O3 4mm, RunCam Link
  • FC (Flight Controller) mounting hole: 30.5×30.5mm (M3) & 20×20mm (M3)
  • Anti-vibration stack structure hardness: Yellow HB80, Translucent HB50
  • Rear Support Mounting Holes: 2020mm - 25.525.5mm - 30.5*30.5mm
  • Aluminum standoffs: 7075 M323mm(6mm/4.7mm), M323mm(4.6mm)
  • Detachable stack protective plate with RGB LED: included
  • Weight: About 140g (including non-3D printed parts)
  • Bottom plate thickness: 2.5mm (T300 3K)
  • Camera side plate thickness: 2mm TUPC
  • Drone head: 7075 CNC aluminum alloy
  • Middle plate thickness: 2mm (T300 3K)
  • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm (T300 3K)
  • Internal installation height: 23-30mm
  • Standard GPS base size: 18188mm
  • Compatible propellers: 5-5.1 inch
  • Arm thickness: 5mm (T300 3K)
  • Motor circlip spacing: φ8mm
  • Wheelbase: 226mm
  • Buzzer: TMB12A05


Mounting pattern 20x20/30,5x30,5 mm
stílus freestyle
Weight 140 g

Package included


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