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T-Motor FT200 5.8GHz FPV Racing VTX

26.57 EUR
Model: T_m_FT200

T-Motor FT200 is a race-ready video transmitter that comes with a full-cover metal shell for high-efficiency heat dissipation and protection. Made for competition, the FT200 is interference free even up to 8 pilots this at once. Once you pick your frequency, you are locked in, no signal drift. PIT mode is a requirement in today's racing VTXs and the FT200 comes equipped to handle PIT(25mW) all the way to up 500mW.

LEDs give you a visual indication of your channel and the MMCX connector gives you a solid connection to your antenna. Fly with confidence with the T-Motos FT200!




Mounting pattern free
Input voltage 2-8S (7-36V)
Output power 25/50/200mW/500mW
Channels US Legal
Antenna connector MMCX
Smart audio Support
Dimensions 28*21.5*4mm
Weight 6g

Package included

1 x T-Motor FT200 VTX

1 x MMCX to SMA Adapter Cable

1 x 6p signal cable


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