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Walksnail VTX V2 Antenna

12.57 EUR
Model: WNPJ-00014
Antenna connector
Antenna color


The quality of the antenna is also the punchline during flying. To further improve performance, we have redesigned the antenna. After repeated testing and optimization, the brand new antenna whose performance can almost achieve the effect that originally required two.

This antenna has been designed with advanced technology and materials to ensure which provides excellent signal reception and transmission in all environments. After testing, it showed significant improvements in signal stability, range, and penetration. This means that drone using this antenna would be lighter, more flexible, and easier to carry and operate. 

Polarization    LHCP
Frequency range    5600MHz-6000MHz
Gain    1.9dBi
VSWR    <1.5
Input Impedance    50Ω
Interface    IPEX-1
Size    R15 X 45mm (without cable)
Weight    2g


Antenna polarization LHCP
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 15x105 mm
Radio frequency 5.8 GHz
Weight 2 g

Package included

1 x Antenna


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