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BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX Module Case Black

5.57 EUR
Model: 01120007_1Black Case


Made of high-quality plastic material. It is very durable and stable.

Upgraded case designed. The USB port size is 6.5*13.5mm, which is compatible with 90% of the known USB Type-C cables.

Two case colors options for ELRS Micro TX Module. You can make your own TX module easily.

The cooling fan plays an important role in the ELRS Micro Module heat sink and performs very well in testing. Therefore, the module can work properly in daily use and need not worry about the temperature.

Please note that the module case and cooling fan should be bought separately. Recommending buying together for your DIY module.


Case Weight 20g
USB Port Size 6.5*13.5mm
USB Port Type-C

Package included

1 x Micro TX Module Case

1 x Pack of screws


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