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TORVOL Urban Backpack - Black

75.29 EUR
52.89 EUR
Discount: 22.40 EUR
Discount: 30%
Model: TO025BLCK

The ultimate daily backpack 

Four stretchy mesh pockets inside, 2 on the outside

Tool organizer and internal expandable pocket

Removable drone attachment system

Fits a 15″ Laptop

Comfortable back and chest padding

Open the bag completely for easy packing.



You don’t know what to choose between strolling in the city and doing a quick session?   The Urban backpack gives you the best of both world! Fly with style or walk around discreetly.

  • Fully open your backpack.  Don’t bother to lose time looking for your objects, you can fully open it. 
  • Nicely organize and protect your set of propellers using the Discreet pocket. 
  • Strap your quad outside or remove the cord for that fresh look! 
  • Store your biggest objects. No need to stress over packing,  you can carry you biggest gear.
  • Don’t miss out on anything and carry your 15” computer in the dedicated laptop pocket.


Weight 980 gr
External Dimensions 30 x 16 x 48 cm
Internal Dimensions 29 x 12 x 46 cm


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